Before attempting to monitor your Redis installation with SelectStar, ensure you are running Redis 3.2.4+.

Connection Information

The following information is required by SelectStar in order to monitor to your Redis clusters:

API Field



Host name or IP of the server to which to connect



Port on which your server is listening [default: 6379]


API Field



Password configured for authentication, if authentication is enabled.

Collection Process

SelectStar first connects to one Server specified in the Host parameter. SelectStar will automatically detect if that Server is part of a Redis Cluster, and in that case connect to all other Servers of the Redis Cluster. If password authentication is enabled and the Server being monitored is part of a Redis Cluster, the same password must be used for all Servers in that Redis Cluster.

Security Notes

The Redis security model is based on trusted clients accessing Redis from trusted environments, either with or without password authentication. For this reason, the SelectStar Collector should be installed locally (inside a trusted environment), or be explicitly whitelisted in Redis configuration. See Redis Security for an overview of how a Redis environment should be secured.

Redis Configuration

SelectStar monitoring can be enabled in one change to the Redis configuration file, by default, located at: "/etc/redis/redis.conf".

  • Allow Redis to receive remote connections by binding it to a network interface. Simply uncomment the line containing bind, replacing with the address of the network interface that receives traffic.
    Note: A tool like iptables should be used to filter remote hosts.
  • To ensure that the IP address is being bound to is correct, verify that it is equal to the inet value for the network interface receiving traffic. You can find this by running ifconfig name-of-the-interface in a terminal.